Chosen Wolf



These days, Jamie Hayes spends her time running the streets of New York City chasing down demons or digging through the histories of others like her. Hunters. Those gifted with supernatural abilities passed down through their bloodlines. The strength and speed to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Everything she thought she knew about where she came from was a sliver of a much bigger picture, and Jamie quickly begins to realize that she’s only just scratched the surface of her powers.

Black Fang is still being circulated and despite the Guild working tirelessly to get a handle on the problem, they’ve had no luck tracking down the source. Not even a street level dealer. When the universe finally hands them a break in the case, Jamie is led on a painful trip down Memory Lane.

Join Jamie, Marcel, and the rest of the Manhattan wolf pack in the next installment of the Executioner series by urban fantasy romance author Jena Gregoire.

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