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Look at my pants…


Look at my pants!

No, seriously. Look at my pants.

I’ve been talking about launching a store for almost three years and I finally did it! I’ve got pajama pants, yes, but I have so much more with more coming soon. And everything is based on my books and/or branding. Hoodies, t-shirts, blankets, pillows, keychains, artwork, notebooks, stickers, mugs, shot glasses, and more. The designs currently available are all taken from Hellfire world. Onyx merch based on the Manhattan bar that caters to the supernatural citizens of New York. Howlin’ Motorsports merch, based on the motorcycle repair and restoration garage owned by Marcel Cross’s werewolf pack.

Daughters of Eris merch, featuring imagery of those crazy bitches from the desert. My triquetras. The Whispers in the Ether artwork featuring Dez’s demon and witch natures, and the Speak of the Devil artwork featuring Vegas and one of the DoE ladies, both digitally painted by yours truly.

Last but not least, my store has signed paperback copies of my books, including sets you can get at a discount.

Coming Soon! Some of the upcoming designs include Forsaken Angels concert tees, Tessa’s Closet: a line of tees and hoodies based on the pop-culture nerd’s wardrobe mentioned in the books (plus some that have not been mentioned), Silver Bullet merch, and more. I also have some non-Hellfire merch coming including Hawthorne Academy gear and custom witchy items from the upcoming Kings Hollow series, some cool fantasy items from the upcoming standalone novel Blood Monarchs, and more I cant tell you about because…..spoilers!

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Happy reading and many dark fantasies!

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