The Devil You Know Cover Reveal and Updated To-Do List!

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks.  Following my hiatus, I am finally back to consistently working on The Devil You Know.  Since I am finally making progress, I decided it’s high time to do a cover reveal.  I am still not to the point of picking a release date but I can tell you that my goal is by Christmas.  We shall see though.  I will update here as soon as I have a better idea.  So….here it is…..  (click ‘more’, silly)

I still don’t have a blurb ready because I don’t want to write it up until the book is finished.  That will have to be another day.

And now my revised to-do list for my road to publishing for the second time!

To Do List:

Finish the New Chapter One – DONE
Fix Chapter Three – DONE
Finish Writing the Rest of the Book – IN PROGRESS
Write Synopsis
Decide on Release Date
Cover Reveal – DONE
Synopsis Reveal
Send to Beta Readers
Start Editing
Complete the “That” Project
One More Round of Editing
Write Dedication and Acknowledgements
Set Up on CreateSpace
Title Page with ISBN
Format eBooks and Paperback
Create Paperback Artwork

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