My Post-Burning To-Do List

Now that the Burning Blog Tour is all wrapped up, I am back to working and focusing on The Devil You Know.  I have been bugging out about Burning’s lack of stellar sales and then this morning, it dawned on me – it doesn’t really matter.  What matters is The Devil You Know.

Thanks to the help of a friend, I may have figured out how to get beyond the scene I am stuck on in The Devil You Know. Then I have to fix chapter 3. Then I can get back to trucking forward on the book. I already have my cover so once I am done writing, I should be able to set a release date!

To Do List:

Finish the New Chapter One
Fix Chapter Three
Finish Writing the Rest of the Book
Write Synopsis
Decide on Release Date
Cover and Synopsis Reveal
Send to Beta Readers
Start Editing
Complete the “That” Project
One More Round of Editing
Write Dedication and Acknowledgements
Set Up on CreateSpace
Title Page with ISBN
Format eBooks and Paperback
Create Paperback Artwork

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