Guys! You Need to Check out Malac by Ava Ross! I Also Have a FREE Book Offer for You!

Hello readers! I know this one isn’t paranormal romance but it is steamy and features dragons (dragon aliens but close enough!). Plus, Ava is a good friend and client of mine so I thought I’d share. This post has an excerpt from Malalc and a FREE ebook for your reading pleasure! Enjoy!!!


An alien dragon king meets his fated mate in a woman from Earth. With conflict brewing in the kingdom, will he be forced to make a heart-breaking choice?


When I came to the subterranean kingdom of Driegon as a mail-order bride, I didn’t expect the dragon king to sweep me off my feet, take flight, and claim me as his mate. He says a mythical mating ritual called the Torrent proves we’re fated. Yeah, sure. Then I find out he’s almost engaged. He insists he’ll find a way for us to be together, but I’ve fallen for pretty lies before, and I won’t give my heart again easily.


To end a war among the factions of my Driegon people, I must marry the daughter of a rival warlord. I’ve accepted my fate. Until I meet Bella, one of three Earthlings brought to my kingdom as mail-order brides. One touch, and my blood roars through me–the first sign of the Torrent. We’re fated and I ache to claim her, yet I cannot betray my people. But the heart of a dragon will not be denied.

MALAC, the first novel in the Brides of Driegon series by bestselling alien romance author Ava Ross.


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