Feeling Much Better About Things….

BURNING UPDATE – Friday night, I stayed up until an obnoxious hour rewriting one of the two scenes that needed to be fixed and I am VERY happy with the results.  Hoping that my beta readers feel the same way.  🙂  I have started mapping out the fix on the second scene and I think I have got it.  Now I just have to get it typed up and make sure that my mapped theory will work.  🙂  Hoping to have it done by tomorrow afternoon.  My original plan of Friday didn’t work because scene #1 took me so much longer to write than I thought it would.  🙂  Cant wait for you all to read it!!!

12 Pages Down and 1 to Go!!

Round Two of edits on Burning have commenced!!  I have taken care of 12 of the 13 pages of grammatical bombs.  After I finish the last page, I need to fix two scenes that don’t quite site right, then it’s back to page one to look for mistakes.  A few times through and I might actually be ready to go back to writing The Devil You Know.

Welcome to the Dark Side!

Welcome to my new site!  Some of you may know me from my book blog Pure Textuality.  Others may have no clue who I am.

My name is Jena and I write under the pen name J.M. Gregoire.  I am about to publish my first work.  It will be the prequel to my Demon Legacy series.


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