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I need someone to be excited with me and I don’t really have anyone right now.

What I need is a sounding board – a writer who has read my shit, likes my shit, and would be willing to allow me to bounce ideas off of them when I’m stuck on writing new shit.  I do that for a handful of other writers, some more than others, but I don’t have anyone like that for myself.  Eh, well.  Maybe someday.

In the meantime….

I just figured out the missing puzzle pieces to tie together Dance With the Devil!!!!!!!!!  Now I know how stitch together all the scenes I have written so far, and I have squared away how each puzzle piece is going to impact the others without causing plotholes.

I hate plotholes.

I’m beyond excited right now.  I have several Word docs going on this book now, and I just tallied them all together, and the book is about 60% written, not the 30% or so I was thinking.  Again, STUPID EXCITED!!!  This is really good news, and now that I know how everything will tie together, there is a very real possibility that the first draft of Dance will be done by next weekend.

Be excited with me!!!!













Okay, that’s sufficient.

Back to writing!



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Not 5k words, but I’ll take it! #amwriting #wordcount

Okay, my loves!  I’m officially out of steam for the night.  I’m clocking in at a final word count of 2,817 on the WIP.  Combine that with the 1,543 from my earlier blog post, and that brings today’s writing total to 4,380 words.  It’s not the 5,000 I was hoping for, but I’ll take it.

It’s funny.  I’m not there yet, but the thing I’m working the hardest on is the ending.  Like, I’m writing the final chapter, but I still have to write the whole MIDDLE of the book.  lol  The ending is probably the longest chapter I’ve every written, but it’s a huge moment.  It’s pivotal.  This one chapter shapes the spinoff, the Executioners Guild series.  The more it comes together, the more excited I’m getting for this series to start.  I already have about 15,000 word written in Bad Wolf, the first installment of that series, and I cannot WAIT for you all to meet Jimi.  She’s soooooooo much fun to write.  She’s me, enough sarcasm and snark for a lifetime, but way more of a bad ass than I could ever be.  The ending of Bad Wolf is already all mapped out, and that shit is going to suckerpunch you right in the feels.  It’s a raw, messy ending, but it’s totally worth it.

That’s it for now, my loves!  I’m off to dream of Jason Momoa, sandy beaches, and tasty alcoholic beverages in coconuts with cute little umbrellas.  Good night and lots of hugs!  Talk to you all tomorrow!  *smoooooch*


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Break time with Jason Momoa. #amwriting

Evening, peeps!  I’m on a writing binge tonight, and since I’m taking a brief break, I thought I’d check in and say hi. 


Got myself a glass of wine, my house smells AMAZEBALLS thanks to dinner in the crock pot, and I’m in a spectacular mood.  The absolutely beautiful Mr. Momoa is here for inspirational purposes.   *wink wink* 

I’m going for 5,000 words before I go to bed tonight.  I’m at 1,346 so far.  I’ll let you guys know where I finish.  Wish me luck!


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Why why WHY did I think it was a stellar idea to try to quit smoking???? Send me your good vibes!!!!

Good afternoon, party people!

As I mentioned yesterday, I up and decided to quit smoking.  Like, when I woke up yesterday morning.  That’s when I decided.  Lol  I realized when I opened my pack of butts that the day when I would be “ready” to quit doesn’t exist.  It’s a fairy tale.  I am one of those people who actually enjoys smoking, so, I don’t see that day ever actually happening.  I just decided it was now or never and went for it.

As soon as I smoked my last cigarette, I became VERY aware of the fact that I didn’t have any more and that was ALL I COULD THINK ABOUT for the majority of the day.  However, I pulled through.

Then I get to today.  Today did not start out very well….


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It’s a drive-by blogging!!!!! #amwriting

Just a quick couple of notes.

1)  I am back to writing!  Working on Dance With the Devil today.  Making some serious progress!!!

2)  I’m strolling down Nostalgia Lane today.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer is playing in the background while I write.  Started again at S01E01 last night.

3)  This morning, I smoked what I am hoping ends up being my last cigarette ever.  I have my e-cigarette at the ready in the event of a craving.  Definitely ready to fuck some shit up as a result. Wish me luck.  I think I need it….   Gooooooozefraaaaabbbbaaaaaaaa……….

Back to writing.  And Buffy.  Back to writing and Buffy.


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ATTN: Seether fans!! The boys are playing live online RIGHT NOW. @SeetherOfficial

Hey party people!  I know it’s a little late BUT I needed to share this.  Seether, my favorite band and the muse for the book I’m working on right now, is playing a live shown at the House of Blues in Cleveland Ohio USA and Yahoo! Live is airing it LIVE.  RIGHT NOW!  This band and their music are the driving force behind the plot in Dance With the Devil.  Definitely worth checking out if you like hard rock.  *wink wink*  Enjoy!!!

seether 2


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