The Burning Blog Tour Continues and Much Thanks Spewing All Over the Place!!

I have to give a great big shout out to all of the reviewers who decided to take on my little short story prequel.  Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to read Burning, I am (as of right now) rocking a 4.33 average stars rating on Goodreads.  What I love most about that is the reviews!!  I haven’t gotten a really bad one yet.  They all have little criticisms here and there, the #1 complaint being the short length, but overall it is getting a great response.

Well, I have a relatively busy weekend ahead of me so I wanted to drop the Burning Blog Tour schedule on here so you can follow the tour if you’d like.

Thanks to all of you for all of your support!!!

10/2/2012 Night Owl Reviews
10/2/2012 Demon Lovers Books and More
10/2/2012 Fresh Fantasy Fiction
10/3/2012 Once Upon a Time
10/3/2012 My Hidden Bookshelf 
10/4/2012 Promiscuous Diva
10/4/2012 Bookhi
10/5/2012 Andrea’s Amazing Reviews
10/5/2012 Becca Hamilton Books 
10/6/2012 The Brunnette Librarian
10/6/2012 Debra’s Book Cafe
10/7/2012 Fictional Candy
10/7/2012 Punya Reviews
10/8/2012 The Secret Sanctuary of Books

Burning Blog Tour Day #2 & the Power of Reviews!

Hello humans!  Being someone who does reviews, I have been DYING to see some reviews on my book.  And they’re finally coming out!

Burning is now averaging 4.40 stars on Goodreads and the only major complaint is that Burning is so short.  Well, that was the point so I call it a success!  The plan was to give just enough of a taste to get you hooked and then MAKE YOU MY BITCH!!!!  Ok, not really.  Just get you hooked.  I put excerpts from some of the reviews down below and have added them to the book’s own page.

In regards to the power of reviews, I swore that I would try to NOT read my reviews but in light of my findings, I am glad I did.  They made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Now here’s hoping the rest are this good.  I know they won’t be because every reader on this planet has different taste.  I know that one day, someone is going to read it and leave 0 stars and just the word ‘abismal’.  For now, I am going to enjoy the warm fuzzies.  You can’t see me right now but I am doing that dazed smiley look.  The reviews I read this morning totally made my day!

Today’s tour stops are:

My Hidden Bookshelf 

Once Upon a Time

Here’s what some of the reviewers are saying:

Happy Burning Release Day!!!!

Hey everyone!  I am happy to announce Burning is officially now available on Amazon!  I stayed up until far too late last night so I could hit publish at midnight.  Apparently, Amazon views times as a relative thing because my publication date on Amazon is showing as October 1st.  Oh well.  It’s up and that’s what is important!  You can get your copy by clicking HERE!!! ($0.99)

I also hit publish on my paperback version too, which JUST went live!!!  Click HERE for paperback!!  ($3.99)


I also hit publish on Barnes & Noble (for Nook) last night and was informed that it takes 24-72 hours to show up in their system.  I will update you with the link once that is live!!


The Burning Blog Tour if officially under way!!!  Today’s stops are:

DemonLover’s Books & More à

Night Own Reviews à

Fresh Fantasy Fiction à  (still not posted as of last check)

The Paperback Proofs of ‘Burning’ Have Been Ordered!

Thanks to a problem with the artwork (that I couldn’t see but CreateSpace apparently could), my paperbacks were delayed in getting ordered.  I am desperately hoping that they get here a heck of a lot faster than they are expected.  However, it’s not terribly important saying as having Burning available as a paperback was kind of a last minute decision.  Once they’re available, they will be $3.99 and the eBook version will be $0.99.  The eBook will be on Amazon and Nook.  Kobo is still being considered…

So without further ado (I say that a lot, dont I?)…

Lil’ Sneak Peek!

Everything around her started to fade slightly and she knew that she was going to black out. The last thing she remembered was the possessed man stalking towards her with an evil grin spread across his face. He crouched down to a kneeling position and whispered, “This is going to hurt, child.” There was no warning in his words. It was a statement of fact.

From Burning, coming October 2nd!!