Book One News, Burning Paperbacks and My Kindle Promotion…

Hey everyone!  I promise I am working diligently on The Devil You Know and I am not far from being done.  I have started editing while writing which means that the editing is going to be faster once the final draft is complete BUT it also means that getting to that finish point is taking longer.  Either way, it’s looking like I will be publishing The Devil You Know in MID-FEBRAURY!!!!  As of right now, that’s my target and of course, I will keep you all updated if there’s any change and the day I finish the first draft, I will decide on a firm release date.

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A Deadline and a Case of Artwork-Fueled Motivation

Good morning everyone!  I know I have been pretty quiet for the last week or so but I assure you, it is for a good reason.  I have been writing.  I have set a deadline for The Devil You Know!


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So it’s been almost a month since Burning was released and I have to say, I am floored.  I wanted to take a second to thank everyone for all of your support!!  As of right now, Burning is averaging 4.21 stars on Goodreads, a fantastic rating if I may say so myself.  : )

Today, I had an interview and a review go live on The Jeep Diva and as I opened the link I was nervous as hell.  Instead of being raked over the coals, I got hit with another 4 stars!  Here are the links if you want to check them out:




Thanks again everyone!!!  : )  Back to writing The Devil You Know….

Damn the Formatting Genie!!!

So it was brought to my attention yesterday that there are random question marks throughout Burning.  Apparently, the formatting genie was in a bitchy mood when he or she got a hold of my book.  I wanted to drop in to let you all know that I have fixed the formatting issue and I have uploaded it to Amazon.  It will take a few hours to go live but when it says Version 2, you can get yourself a clean copy.

Thank you all for your continued support!