New Years Resolutions & a WIP Update

Good afternoon! I’ve never been one for New Years resolutions but this year, I have a big goal at the end of the summer that I NEED to achieve for my own sanity (more details on that coming soon). To get there, I need to buckle down and make my writing goals happen. No more treating writing like a second part-time job. Time to get serious and bust my ass so I’m publishing more than one book per year.

Right now, I’m diligently working my way through Dance With the Devil (Hellfire Book Three) and Bad Wolf (Executioner Book One – Hellfire spin-off series). I started out with a 40,000 word goal on both and thought I was close to done about two months ago. I was wrong. Soooo very wrong. Both books are quickly closing in on 60,000 words each. The upside is longer books. The downside is it’s taking me forever to reach the finish line. But I’m almost there…

To help myself get there, I started dedicating a large chunk of writing time each day right around Christmas. I’ve been working doing the PR thing every day and then at night, I sit down with my tablet and crank out 3,000 words. It’s not always on the same project, but I always do at least 3,000 words total.

At the rate I’m going, I’m hoping to have both finished and edited by the end of February. Once they’re done, I will be diving right into the second Executioner book as I already have it fully plotted out. And somewhere in that schedule, I need to finish the Bad Wolf cover. lol I keep forgetting that the book doesn’t have a cover… I’ve been so focused on keeping my momentum on the book that getting the cover finished has taken a bit of a back seat. I promise, it’ll be along soon.

The list of goals I posted on Instagram:

And yes, I know there is a typo in the graphic. I read over the stupid thing like twenty times before I posted it to IG. The second it went live, I spotted the typo. lol

Goal number eight is why we’re here today. I’ve been fucking horrible about blogging here on my site for…….well, the last couple of years. lol BUT, I’m determined to change all of that. I have my task manager loaded with a daily to-do list and posting on the bloggy blog is part of that. So you are going to be hearing a lot more from me going forward. Sometimes it will be writing updates. Sometimes it’ll be about what I’ve been watching/reading/listening to. Sometimes, it’s just going to be some random bullshit. If you’ve been following my blog for years, you’re already familiar with my kind of content.

Today’s plan

  • Finish Bad Wolf (yes, I’m THAT close)
  • Bang out at least three chapters in Dance With the Devil

Before I sign off today, I’m curious about you guys. I have a LOT of followers here on the bloggy blog. Comment below and let me know who you are! Blogger? Author? Reader? If you are an author or blogger, drop me your websiite link so I can come check you out!

Okay, I’m off. These books aren’t going to write themselves. 😉

Naughty websites, a new way of writing, and #TheBlacklist is on tonight! (@NBCBlacklist)

What up, peeps?  Today has been a busy day, but, I have gotten very little accomplished for myself.

I started out my morning by finishing up the website concept design for NYT Bestselling Author T.J. Michaels and doing a little store addition for Nicky Jayne’s website.  Nicky’s website is live if you want to go show her some reader love (here) and as soon as T.J.’s is live, I will share it here for you all to check out.  Here’s a little taste:


Hot, right??  I love it.  I cant wait to show you guys the whole finished design once I make it live!


I decided I am going to do something a little different with the writing process of Dance With the Devil.  I have almost the entire book hand-written in notebook pages by scene.  One of my really good writer friends, Amber Lynn Natusch, is what you would call a “scene writer.”  She writes out scenes, then goes back and sort of stiches them together by writing in what is needed to blend the scenes into a continuous book.  Well, I essentially do the same thing (writing scenes, I mean), I just do it in a note book, then write it in a linear progression.

I am going to try Amber’s method.  Starting this afternoon, I am taking all of my notebook pages and I’m going to type up the individual scenes.  If I am guessing right, that should put what I have at just about 40,000 words typed out, and then I am going to “stitch” them together.  If this works the way I am expecting, I should have Dance With the Devil’s first draft finished in about two weeks.  Then I am going to do the same thing with Bad Wolf.

This will be the first time writing in this way for me, and I honestly don’t know if I can even make it work, but I am going to give it a try.  So, wish me luck!

Also, tonight is a new episode of The Blacklist!!!  Do any of you watch this show???


I am so madly in love with whoever is responsible for writing the character of Red Reddington.  It’s easily some of the best writing I have ever seen come across on film.  Actually, the show as a whole is some of the best screen writing ever, but, I am particularly partial to Red above any other character.  The Blacklist is one of the very few shows I really look forward to every week.  With only three episodes left in the season, I don’t know what I am going to do with myself until next fall!   (*I have confirmed that the show has been renewed for a third season.  As I was typing “next fall”, I had a minor panic attack at the thought of the show being cancelled.*)

I’m planning to live tweet during tonight’s episode if you want to watch along with me and join the convo!  Follow me over at @PureTextuality.  Let’s use the hashtags #QuonZhang (the name of tonight’s episode), #teamreddington (because why wouldn’t you be Team Reddington?), and/or #TheBlacklist (pretty self-explanatory, I think) tonight.  I would love to see The Blacklist trending like mad on Twitter because of all of you!  Hope to see you there!


Jena Sig XXX

#TNEEVegas Confessions, WIP’s, the Goon Squad, and some super-fun #giveaways! #lasvegas #amwriting

Phew!  This has been a LONG month, but not in a bad way.  Busy is good when you do what I do, so, you’ll hear no complaints from this camp!  Aside from the Virtual Tour of Speak of the Devil and the Batman v. Superman trailer, I have yet to do a real blog post update since before the month of April kicked off.  I have a lot to bring you all up to speed on.

Jena Sig XXX

This is a LONG one.  No, like, REALLY LONG.

Have I mentioned how much I missed you guys????  For realsies.

This is way too many post-script inscriptions.  This has officially gotten out of hand.  Okay, I stopping now.

In this post:

  • My trip to Las Vegas and how things *really* went down at The Novel Experience Event…
  • WIP Update – Dance With the Devil, Bad Wolf, and my filthy little romance…
  • Authors After Dark Spring Registration Drive (and GIVEAWAY!!!!)…
  • DVD Boxed Set GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!…
  • Goon Squad Street Team applications are now open!
  • Plus some other stuff I can’t think of right now!…


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Want to know what I am up to???


I finally have a chance to breathe and wanted to stop in to give you all an update on how things are coming along, both with my writing and life in general.

As you know, Suffering and Speak of the Devil have both been unleashed upon the masses. Now I wait. Reviews are just starting to roll in, and I am happy to report they’ve all been pretty frikkin stellar. Speak of the Devil is getting a very warm reception and I am super-excited to have paperbacks in my hands soon (I ordered the proofs yesterday!!!!).

My one-month break from writing plain and simply didn’t happen. It’s not a bad thing, though! I started working on Dance With the Devil (Demon Legacy #3) before Christmas and shortly after New Years, I started on Bad Wolf.  What is Bad Wolf, you ask????  Keep reading to find out!

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Speak of the Devil, Dance with the Devil, Bad Wolf, and Distractions…

GREETINGS, MINIONS!!!!  It feels like it has been a really long time since my last actual blog post. So here I am! I have so much going on right now, and it has mainly resulted in a juggling act I have barely been able to keep moving.

My progress on SOTD is getting there. I am sooooo close to being done and having it off to my editor, but the 8 million other things I have on my plate have been seriously road-blocking my progress. In fact, as I realized it’s been forever since my last blog post and went right into writing this, I really SHOULD be working on SOTD instead. What happens is I start writing and I start thinking about my never-ending to-do list and then I actually feel guilty for not getting that other stuff done first. It’s all about finding the balance. Well, the rest of my afternoon will be spent trying to button SOTD up and get it out to the editor. So, hopefully, this will be the last ‘Speak of the Devil is almost done’ post you see. As for the story, I am loving it. It’s a touch darker than The Devil You Know, but also a little more…..steamy. It’s still not full-on romance, but the romantic story line is definitely more pronounced in this installment. You know what that means, though. Don’t get comfy because I am bound to start fucking things up for my characters at some point. Lol THE RELEASE DATE HAS NOT CHANGED! Speak of the Devil WILL be released on May 27th.


The cover for Dance with the Devil (Demon Legacy #3) is DONE and it is BAD ASS. I love it. I love love love love love LOVE it! But I can’t show you. Not yet anyway. The cover reveal will happen as soon as I hit publish on Speak of the Devil, I promise. It’s kind of hot and I am DYING to show you all!!!!

I still work a day job and just recently started a new job at work. The adjustment period to change what I was doing was actually really quick. I am now settled into my little place in that new world and it’s kind of awesome. One of the main reasons I went for this job is the extra time it affords me to do things like read, write, and manage Pure Textuality/Pure Textuality Public Relations/Pure Textuality Convention. This has actually worked out REALLY well, but the initial change was a lot to deal with, but as I said, it was quick. On days that we are not super-busy, I have approximately 6.5 hours to write. That’s 6.5 hours a day with no TV, no kids, no distractions at all. I can get a LOT done in 6.5 hours. That being said, there are certainly days when I have 0 hours of spare time….like yesterday, but that pretty much only happens one day a week. What does all this mean for you? It means I will be able to crank the Demon Legacy books out a LOT faster and I will be able to get the Killer Instinct books started! If I can get Dance With The Devil (Demon Legacy #3) written this summer and get Bad Wolf (Killer Instinct #1) started by fall, I should be able to release it in Spring 2015. That is VERY exciting! Up until recently, the Killer Instinct books were a shelf project that had absolutely no projected date of completion. SELF HIGH FIVE!

I have been desperately trying to save the Pure Textuality Con for the last few weeks. As you know, I am the owner of Pure Textuality and Pure Textuality Public Relations. I have been planning this con for over a year and we are now in a crunch to get ticket sales taken care of so we can pay for the convention. This project has taken up a TON of my time lately, further contributing to the juggling act. If you would like to know more about the convention, you can visit the convention site at

4-16-2014 8-58-16 AM

Well, that’s about it for right now. I just wanted to give you all a quick status check on where everything is standing with me. I have to go write now before my editor hunts me down and starts poking me in the face for not working on SOTD. Wink wink!