My Goon Squad is the wonderful group of people who help make everything happen behind the scenes.  I am forever grateful to each and every one of them, and I wanted to make sure they got their own little corner of my website.

Additionally, street team applications are now open!  🙂  Chosen street team members will receive special little gifties and there will be lots of shenanigans!  Details can be found at the bottom of this page.

Jena Sig XXX

So far in my writing career, I have had several editors working for me.  The rule third time’s a charm certainly proved true for me.  My editor is now Jenn Waterman of Modern Elektra Editing and she’s fabulous!  She knows the voice I write in and never tries to alter that, a precious trait when trying to find an editor who works well with you.

Modern Elektra Website



My beta reading team are every bit as important to me as my editor.  My beta readers see my books before my editor and they tell me whether or not it sucks.  When choosing my betas, I tried to go with a mixed bag of people – authors, bloggers, and avid readers.  That way, I got opinions coming in from every angle.  The team I have now is absolutely awesome!  They’re brutally honest and so much fun to engage with!

Simone Nicole
Independently Published Author
Simone’s Amazon Author Central Page

Lou @ Relaxed Reads
Book Blogger
Relaxed Reads Website

L.E. Chamberlin
Traditionally Published Author
L.E.’s Website

Jessilyn Carey
Avid Reader

Ikra Khatoon
Avid Reader



My cover artist is the talented R.A. Mizer from ShoutLines Design.  Mizer has a gargantuan portfolio and more than thirteen years of experience.  She and I clicked perfectly from the moment we started talking, making the creative process flow smooth like butta’.  I provide her with the stock images I want to make my covers out of (each cover usually requires two or three  images) and tell her, usually with a rough mock up, what I want the cover to look like.  She then brings the whole thing to life, perfectly creating the end result I already had in my head.  What I love most is that she does it all while on a live web meeting with me, so I can see what she’s doing in real time and my input is involved in the process from beginning to end.  The best part?  I usually have a completed cover in my hands within two hours instead of waiting months.

Mizer has made all of my covers except for Suffering, which was my own creation.

ShoutLines Design Website



Aside from being a writer, I am also a PR monkey.  It only made sense that I do all of my own marketing.

Pure Textuality PR Website




I decided to start a street team and applications are now open.  The Goon Squad will consist of fifteen spots only and each street team members will be given this little list of perks:

  • Access to a private Facebook group.
  • A badge for your website, blog, or anywhere else you have to post it online.
  • A monthly surprise package from me, Jena Gregoire with everything from free books to little holiday gifties to swag to giveaway to those around you, all as a thank you for your unending support.
  • ARC’s of any of my titles, published or upcoming.
  • Access to a private points contest where you can earn points simply by helping promote, which is what a street team is for anyway.
  • Lots of Goon Squad Only giveaways!
  • Plus MUCH MORE!!!

Should you be accepted onto the Goon Squad Street Team, you would have to agree to receive regular emails from me regarding promotions, book sales, giveaways, contest, etc., and you would be expected to repost such information all over your social media.

Interested???????  APPLY HERE!