I finally finished my maiden binge-watch of @Heroes and now Heroes: Reborn can start, like, now. #Heroes #HeroesReborn #IHeartSylar

Good morning and Happy Monday, you sexy bitches!  This weekend, in addition to doing a CRAZY amount of writing (more about that later), I also finished what ended up being a week-long binge watch of the TV series Heroes.  It was my first time watching the series despite having owned the first two seasons on DVD for over two years.  I got them at a charity media sale, but hadn’t gotten around to watching them.  Last weekend, I decided to give it a go, and by episode three or four, I was hooked.  I’ve been watching episodes every night, and this weekend, neither of my kids were home, so I did nothing but write and watch Heroes for two days straight.

It.  Was.  Awesome.

Well, I am done.  As soon as I finished, I opened my laptop and started typing so it would all still be very fresh.  There were some characters I loved.  There were some I hated.  There were even some characters I hated, and then loved.  We’re going to talk about all of them, plus my thoughts on the show as a whole.  🙂

Jena Sig XXX


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Stomping all over the fine line between a Bad Good Guy and a Good Bad Guy. (@NBCBlacklist , #amwriting)

I have a tendency to lean towards being a big cheerleader for the villain in a story. Always have. When I was younger, my favorite character in The Lion King was Scar, not Simba.  Simba can go suck it.  Scar had a way better sense of humor.  Nightmare Before Christmas? Easy. Oogie Boogie.   He had the best music.  When I was 13 years old, I read The Vampire Diaries (yes, kids, they were books loooooooong before the TV series) and I instantly fell in love with Damon. Not the severely dumbed down version of Damon you see on the TV series, but the cold, ruthless, walking nightmare that was Damon in the books. We’ll get into that later in this post.

This has been an ongoing trend for me in all venues of fiction, from books to television to the big screen. But it’s not just any villains, and it’s not exclusively “villains” per se. I realized when I was writing The Devil You Know that my affinity is for characters who walk the sometimes very blurry line between being a good bad guy and a bad good guy.

And more than anything, I love it when it’s difficult to tell which side a particular character falls on. I think not being able to figure it out is a sign of genuinely good writing.

In this post, we are going to take a look at a small handful of my favorite fictional baddies and see where they fall.

Jena Sig XXX

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FINALLY! I am up and sputtering again! #amwriting

I just spent the last week in a writing funk and I think I am finally out of it!  Yesterday, I wrote 10 full notebook pages of dialog, and this morning, I am day-jobbing and working on the super-secret project between calls.  The momentum in this one picked right back up where it left off a week ago and I am RELIEVED.  I thought the story died out on me.  Phew!

So, with that, I am outtie.  I will catch all of you either later this afternoon (with a writing check-in) or tomorrow morning.



Jena Sig XXX



Just for giggles.  🙂  I think me and Mr. Martin would get along quite well.  I don’t know.  What do you guys think?  Maybe we should ask Lucas and Natalia.  *queue maniacal laughter*



#Grey, @Caitlyn_Jenner, and my big romance-athon! #amwriting

So much has happened in the last couple of days!  I’m just going to do a super-quick blog post, and then I am back to writing!

Jena Sig XXX


In This Post:

  • Speak of the Devil on Nook
  • Grey by E.L. James….or should I say Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer
  • Caitlyn Jenner
  • WIP Update, a personal confession, & the ongoing Romance-athon

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Here! Have a movie review or two. (@ChefTheFilm , @TheLoftMovie , @Jon_Favreau , @JohnLeguizamo , #KarlUrban)

Last night, I went home with the intent of doing a read-through of Dance With the Devil.  Well, a read-through of what I have written, anyway.  Instead, I decided to curl up with my e-cigarette (four days in and still smoke free!!) and embrace my inner couch potato.  My daughter and I watched Finding Carter, and then, once she went to bed, I watched The Loft.


My jaw is still sore from hitting the floor so many times.

On top of that, I watched Chef this past weekend, a Jon Favreau flick I have been SUPER-excited for.  Have any of you seen this movie?????  OMFG!!!  You haven’t?!?!?!  You NEED TO!!!!

Today I am going to talk a little bit about both.  There might be some gushing, so, please, feel free to bring your barf bags.  And don’t worry, both reviews are SPOILER-FREE.

Jena Sig XXX

In This Post:

  • Review of The Loft
  • Review of Chef

TheLoft  816_sieu_dau_bep_thumb

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For my author friend and fellow Dean Winchester addict, @LizCLong. You’re welcome. #amwriting #supernatural #deanwinchester

Liz Long, author of the fabulous Donovan Circus series, is a big nerdy Dean Winchester fan like yours truly. Since I am too busy writing to put together a real blog post, I decided to share this instead. Enjoy!

Jena Sig XXX


Due to the nature of the graphics in this post, it’s best if viewed on a computer screen and it IS safe for work.  *wink wink*

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Why why WHY did I think it was a stellar idea to try to quit smoking???? Send me your good vibes!!!!

Good afternoon, party people!

As I mentioned yesterday, I up and decided to quit smoking.  Like, when I woke up yesterday morning.  That’s when I decided.  Lol  I realized when I opened my pack of butts that the day when I would be “ready” to quit doesn’t exist.  It’s a fairy tale.  I am one of those people who actually enjoys smoking, so, I don’t see that day ever actually happening.  I just decided it was now or never and went for it.

As soon as I smoked my last cigarette, I became VERY aware of the fact that I didn’t have any more and that was ALL I COULD THINK ABOUT for the majority of the day.  However, I pulled through.

Then I get to today.  Today did not start out very well….

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@CoreyTaylorRock is ranting his ass off again and how I somehow missed the last #Supernatural episode…. #YoureMakingMeHateYou

Greetings, humans!  I know I have been a little quiet for the last few days and I have a completely valid excuse.  I’ve been on a reading binge.  I’m talking about a bender of epic proportions.  Not really sure what triggered it, but I am letting it ride through the rest of this week.  Then, on Sunday, I will return to my writing ways and bang out the rest of Dance With the Devil (*crossables crossed*).

Here’s a partial list of what I am reading right now:

Jena Sig XXX

……..you have to keep reading to see the list…….


In This Post:

  • My Currently Reading List
  • Supernatural Season Finale???  What???

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Season finales of #TheBlacklist, #TheVampireDiaries, #TheOriginals, and the dirty book I read. @raynelola @NBCBlacklist @cwtvd @cworiginals

Last week was a big week for TV junkies everywhere.  I am one of them.  I had several shows I am faithful to wrap up their seasons and I spent a good portion of the time watching them crying like a great, big freak.  This post is a long one and contains spoilers for the shows listed down below, so, if you haven’t seen those finales, you probably don’t want to proceed unless you’re cool with being spoiled.

OH!  And on top of that, I read a FABULOUS book Thursday, so, I’m going to talk about that, too!

Jena Sig XXXspoilers

In This Post:

  • The Blacklist Season 2 Finale
  • The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Finale
  • The Originals Season 2 Finale
  • Supernatural Season 10 Finale
  • Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Finale
  • Scandal Season 4 Finale
  • Min (Thompson #1) by Lola Rayne

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Naughty websites, a new way of writing, and #TheBlacklist is on tonight! (@NBCBlacklist)

What up, peeps?  Today has been a busy day, but, I have gotten very little accomplished for myself.

I started out my morning by finishing up the website concept design for NYT Bestselling Author T.J. Michaels and doing a little store addition for Nicky Jayne’s website.  Nicky’s website is live if you want to go show her some reader love (here) and as soon as T.J.’s is live, I will share it here for you all to check out.  Here’s a little taste:


Hot, right??  I love it.  I cant wait to show you guys the whole finished design once I make it live!


I decided I am going to do something a little different with the writing process of Dance With the Devil.  I have almost the entire book hand-written in notebook pages by scene.  One of my really good writer friends, Amber Lynn Natusch, is what you would call a “scene writer.”  She writes out scenes, then goes back and sort of stiches them together by writing in what is needed to blend the scenes into a continuous book.  Well, I essentially do the same thing (writing scenes, I mean), I just do it in a note book, then write it in a linear progression.

I am going to try Amber’s method.  Starting this afternoon, I am taking all of my notebook pages and I’m going to type up the individual scenes.  If I am guessing right, that should put what I have at just about 40,000 words typed out, and then I am going to “stitch” them together.  If this works the way I am expecting, I should have Dance With the Devil’s first draft finished in about two weeks.  Then I am going to do the same thing with Bad Wolf.

This will be the first time writing in this way for me, and I honestly don’t know if I can even make it work, but I am going to give it a try.  So, wish me luck!


Also, tonight is a new episode of The Blacklist!!!  Do any of you watch this show???


I am so madly in love with whoever is responsible for writing the character of Red Reddington.  It’s easily some of the best writing I have ever seen come across on film.  Actually, the show as a whole is some of the best screen writing ever, but, I am particularly partial to Red above any other character.  The Blacklist is one of the very few shows I really look forward to every week.  With only three episodes left in the season, I don’t know what I am going to do with myself until next fall!   (*I have confirmed that the show has been renewed for a third season.  As I was typing “next fall”, I had a minor panic attack at the thought of the show being cancelled.*)

I’m planning to live tweet during tonight’s episode if you want to watch along with me and join the convo!  Follow me over at @PureTextuality.  Let’s use the hashtags #QuonZhang (the name of tonight’s episode), #teamreddington (because why wouldn’t you be Team Reddington?), and/or #TheBlacklist (pretty self-explanatory, I think) tonight.  I would love to see The Blacklist trending like mad on Twitter because of all of you!  Hope to see you there!


Jena Sig XXX

#TheJudge, #GoingClear, and #amwriting…. (@RobertDowneyJr)

Hey peeps!  I let you all know on Saturday’s blog post, but in case you missed it, I spent a good portion of my weekend writing (yay!!!).  However, yesterday I spent most of the day fighting a really bad headache.  Since I was stuck in bed, I decided to watch a few movies. Are we really surprised?

Jena Sig XXX

In this post:

  • Micro-Review of The Judge
    Drama starring Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall
  • Micro-Review of Going Clear
    Documentary on the inner workings of the Church of Scientology.
  • Writing Update


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A Little Love Letter to Book Bloggers #bookbloggers #blogger #booknerd #bookporn

Okay, this isn’t really going to be a letter, exactly, but more of a defense piece for the book bloggers the world ’round who bust their ass for very little, if any, return on their invested time.

Every Thursday when I wake up, I get stupid excited.  From the moment I get up until the moment I go to bed, there is a super-fun thing happening on Facebook.  IABB Confessions.  If you’re an author, reader, or book blogger, you may already have seen them.  They’re so much fun!

It’s a great little Facebook page which goes by the name Indie Authors & Book Blogs.  They are a strictly promotional page (they don’t accept review requests) which has created a weekly………well, it’s not exactly a “meme”….

They have a Google Docs form.  You go fill in your confession, they make a graphic of it, and post it.  It’s all totally anonymous.  Say whatever you want as a reader, author, or book blogger.

I’ve done it.  I’ve even had a few of them go up on IABB.  It’s kind of fun.  However, every time one of mine gets posted, I go and completely ruin the anonymity of it all by sharing the IABB graphic and saying “Look!!!!  My confession got posted!!!!”  I don’t have a reason to hide behind an anonymous confession.  It’s just fun to participate.

Anyway, I am a little bit appalled by one of today’s confessions.  Again, anonymous, so posting this here shouldn’t hurt anyone’s feelings.  Here we go….

Jena Sig XXX

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#TNEEVegas Confessions, WIP’s, the Goon Squad, and some super-fun #giveaways! #lasvegas #amwriting

Phew!  This has been a LONG month, but not in a bad way.  Busy is good when you do what I do, so, you’ll hear no complaints from this camp!  Aside from the Virtual Tour of Speak of the Devil and the Batman v. Superman trailer, I have yet to do a real blog post update since before the month of April kicked off.  I have a lot to bring you all up to speed on.

Jena Sig XXX

This is a LONG one.  No, like, REALLY LONG.


Have I mentioned how much I missed you guys????  For realsies.


This is way too many post-script inscriptions.  This has officially gotten out of hand.  Okay, I stopping now.


In this post:

  • My trip to Las Vegas and how things *really* went down at The Novel Experience Event…
  • WIP Update – Dance With the Devil, Bad Wolf, and my filthy little romance…
  • Authors After Dark Spring Registration Drive (and GIVEAWAY!!!!)…
  • DVD Boxed Set GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!…
  • Goon Squad Street Team applications are now open!
  • Plus some other stuff I can’t think of right now!…

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