Elizabeth York, the Asshat Thief, and Why Every Artist Should Want to SCREAM Right Now

My Facebook went BANANAS this weekend.

And with damn good reason.

I am careful what I speak about online because I think we have a real problem with outrage culture right now, but this is something that NEEDS to be addressed.  Not just for authors, but for artists in general.

Elizabeth York is a name you may or may not be familiar with.  She’s a biggie in the indie world, and a straight up sweetheart.  This weekend, she posted the following:

E York Part 1

This one post lit a firestorm across the internet because it once again spotlights an issue authors have been facing for a while now.  Let’s be clear, what this reader is admitting to is NO DIFFERENT than ebook piracy.  We’ll get into that more in a minute.  First, Ms. York’s post from the following day:

E York Part 2



I’m writing this post as a plea with my fellow readers and writers.  There is a petition going around to try to get Amazon to reverse their return policy on ebooks.  PLEASE SIGN IT.  As of right now, if I go to Amazon.com and purchase a digital movie or mp3, I cannot return these items unless Amazon can see that no one has watched or downloaded the item.  I know this for sure because I woke up one morning and my man cub had been surfing the Amazon Fire Stick and purchased a season of one of the Transformers cartoons ($40) and immediately realized it was the wrong Transformers series.  Amazon customer service was awesome and returned the item for me, but explained that the only reason they could was because they could see that no one had watched the video.  Had anyone watched it, the return would not have been allowed.

This. Policy. Makes. Sense.

And yet….

Her final statement to the author is the biggest problem in this whole situation:  “We shouldn’t have to pay for the stories in your head.”

Ummmm, actually, that’s sorta kinda the way this shit works.


As an artist, I am a business.  What I create (write) is my product.  A business should get paid for the product they produce.  That’s Econ 101, bitches.

Wil Wheaton wrote a piece a while back regarding how writers should get paid for what they write (sites like Huffington Post run on free content from writers and they make money hand over fist with advertising on that same content) in response to a laughable situation (HP as idiots), but his point holds true in this situation as well.

You Cant Pay Your Rent With “The Unique Platform and Reach Our Site Provides”

I don’t know what the going rate is for something like this. At six cents a word, which is SFWAs lowest professional rate for short fiction (not a perfect comparison, but at least something to reference that’s similar), it would be $210. That’s not nothing, but it’s not house payment money. Maybe I should have just taken their fabulous offer of exposure?

I don’t think so, because it’s the principle of the thing. Huffington Post is valued at well over fifty million dollars, and the company can absolutely afford to pay contributors. The fact that it doesn’t, and can get away with it, is distressing to me.WilW Tweet


In a case like Huffington Post, you’re giving your content away voluntarily.  When an author writes a book, we publish that work with the intention of selling our art.

In ANY OTHER SITUATION, returning an item which has been used completely would not be accepted.  You don’t go to the grocery store, buy the makings for dinner, and then bring back the leftovers asking for a refund.  You don’t fill your car’s gas tank, drive until it stalls out, and then demand a refund for the purchased gas.  You don’t walk into Walmart, purchase a couch, and then return it after your dog has chewed off the legs.  These are all examples of items that were purchased and used COMPLETELY.  Buying a book, reading it (USING IT!!!!!), and then returning it is the same exact thing.

So why the hell is Amazon allowing it?!?!?!?!?!

The petition that’s circulating on Change.org isn’t begging Amazon to make it so you can’t return ebooks.  The petition is asking them to change their policy so readers can’t return ebooks after they’ve been read beyond the 15% mark.

I think we have all accidentally one-clicked something at some point.  No biggie.  Return it and get the item you meant to.  However, if you read an entire book, and then return it, you, sir or madame, are an asshole.


No, Sammy.  You’re wrong.
They’re assholes and thieves.  Plain and simple.

bag of dicks


If you don’t know by 15% in that you’ve got the wrong book, you have other, larger problems happening than your one-click habits….

And habits.  This is another thing I want to address.  If you can’t afford the ebook, DON’T BUY THE EBOOK.  I can’t afford the Aston Martin I want, so I don’t go and buy one.  LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS.  If you can’t control your spending habits, shut off your one-click settings.

As an artist, I’m pissed.  We fight tooth and nail to end ebook piracy, and THIS is what people are doing to get around it, something that Amazon doesn’t even allow with any of their other digital content.

So, fellow readers and writers, I’m begging you.  SIGN THE PETITION.  Share the link with all your reader/writer friends.  Make Amazon hear our voices.

By allowing the returns, they are allowing the theft, and therefore, they are contributing to the problem.



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Five workdays left until I am a full time writer! #countdowntofreedom

Good morning, you sexy mofos!  We’re officially coming down to the final bits of my countdown.  Today marks five days until I’m finally going to be a full time writer!  Well, full time writer, book blogger, and publicist at Pure Textuality PR (if you’re a writer looking for PA or PA help, give my PR site a visit because we’re running a whole bunch of super-awesome deals to celebrate going full time!).

Now that I am going full time, I’ve started participating in all the things I really couldn’t prior to the big change in my life’s direction – author takeovers, Facebook parties, Instagram photo challenges – and today was the first day of my first photo challenge over on the Instagrams!!

jena sig 2015

In This Post:

  • #AuthorLifeMonth Photo Challenge
  • Becoming a Full Time Writer


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If you need me, I’ll be over here killin’ some peeps. #amwriting

Good morning, you sexy mofos!  I’m excited this morning.  I have nothing to do today except WRITE.  I’ve busted out the Dance With the Devil manuscript document and I plan to spend my entire day writing between calls at the day job.  Luckily, the benefit of working this close to Christmas is all the NORMAL people around the country assume we’re probably closed and leave us alone.  Makes for a quiet day on the job.  I’m hoping to have this bad bitch wrapped up by New Years (that would be AMAZING) so I can announce the release date.

Here’s a little snippet from Dance With the Devil.  Last week, I released a piece of it as a part of a teaser.  Instead of making a new teaser image, I figured I’d reveal just a little bit more of the conversation.  😉  Enjoy!

“You may be having trouble controlling your powers,” he said in a gruff whisper, his tone intimate, making her spine tingle, “but I know you, probably better than you know yourself.  What sets you apart from them is the very core of what makes you Deziree.  My Deziree.   I know every part of you.”  He leaned closer to her ear and she heard him inhale, slow and deep.  “I know your scent, I can smell the effect I have on you.  The energy I feel between us is the same vibration that’s been there since long before your powers ever manifested.”  He came around her side again, circling her like prey.

“I’ve tasted you, Deziree.  No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to hide from me.  Try to play unshakable all you want, I know the truth.  You’re scared.”

Vegas, Dance With the Devil, Coming 2016

Dance With the Devil Teaser 1

Oh!  Also, I finally finished Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series (to date) and I didn’t hate it.  I still have a hard time with some of the concepts in the book (like the main character being backbone impaired), but overall, it was good.  The steam factor was WAY up there.  Hot hot HOT sex scenes.  Sylvia Day would be a truly gifted porn director.  lol  I will be (im)patiently waiting for the last book to come out in April.  For the record, I’ve still yet to read any erotic romance with BDSM that holds a candle to Tiffany Reisz’s Original Sinners series.  She set the bar in my mind and nothing else has been able to compete as of yet.

Alright, I’m off to write!  Talk to you all soon!!!!

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The Genesis Preorder Party, the Kindle #Giveaway, and my Funko problem…. (@originalfunko)

Good evening, you sexy mofos!  I was going to do another relatively long blog post tonight.  However, I have a lot going on today and a letter to write (yes, a real letter, sent by snail mail and everything).  So, instead, I’ll fill you in on all I have going on for the day/evening, and then we’ll briefly discuss my new problem.

First, as I mentioned last night, the Genesis boxed set preorder link on Amazon is live.  Due to this, us participating authors are throwing a Facebook Preorder Party to celebrate.  Games, giveaways, and lots of fun shenanigans, so go jump on the event so you don’t miss anything.


Along with the preorder party, we are doing a Kindle giveaway for the rest of the week.  Winner will be chosen and the Kindle Fire will be sent direct from Amazon on Saturday morning.

Giveaway open to US and Canada residents only.  18+.  No purchase necessary.


Genesis Kindle Fire Giveaway


And lastly, my new problem.  Frikkin Funko Pop figures.  You guys!  I’m totally addicted.  THEY MAKE VILLAINS!!!!!  And since I’m all about #badguysneedlovetoo, I immediately started collecting villains.  I have a few others than what are shown here, but they are mixed in with Christmas presents, so I can’t show them. However, my Amazon wish list now looks like an evil toy store!  BUT THEY’RE SO CUTE!!!!!!

(Clockwise from Top Left:  Ronan from Guardians of the Galaxy; Regan from the Exorcist; The Gentlemen from Buffy the Vampire Slayer; A Weeping Angel from Doctor Who)

  20151215_080944  20151215_080934    20151215_080913  20151215_080840

The one that started my love of the villain Pop figures was a combination of events.

An old friend of mine, Don Gilliard, is an artist.  He works in basically any and all mediums and I’ve loved his work since I was about 16 years old.  🙂

Well, he made this great Hellraiser puzzlebox light and I snatched it up as soon as I found out it was for sale.  It’s one of only two in existence and I love it so hard.  I even stocked up on night light bulbs so I never have to worry about not having one when it blows.

Well, a short while later, I was shopping in Hot Topic because I’m a grown ass adult ass that’s where grown ass adults shop.  lol  I happened to come across the little Pinhead Pop figure and that’s all she wrote.  I found out they make baddies and I’ve been on the hunt ever since.  🙂

How great is that puzzle box lamp, though?!?!?!  Definitely a favorite piece in my collection.  🙂


Here are a few of my non-villain ones:

  20151215_081004  20151215_080858    20151215_080816

~ My Wish List ~

These are the ones I plan to get next depending on whether or not I can find them.   😉  I have a few more that I am really aiming for in my collection, but the price tags on them are SCARY.  lol  THEY’RE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pop Wish List


Sweet mother of hell, I had a lot more to say than I had planned.

Greetings, humans!  How is everyone on this fabulous Monday evening?  The sun was shining today (not here, but I’m sure it is somewhere), the birds were singing (again, not here, but somewhere) and my coffee was absolute perfection (that last bit is actually very true….mmmmmmmmmmmmm).  In truth, around here, it was rainy and unseasonably warm.  Our average temperature for the month of December is about 20 degrees Fahrenheit.  Instead, when I started typing this post, we were rockin’ out at 44 degrees on December 14th in New Hampshire, USA.  That’s some Twilight Zone shit.

Right now, I’m on the final stretch of my countdown to my next trip to Vegas.  At this point, I’m usually miserable and freezing and wishing my date to move out to Arizona was here NOW.  My yard is usually buried under large mounds of frozen white shit and I can be found climbing the walls of my house or crying for no reason.  I’m not a fan of winter.  Or being cold.  lol  Any other year, I’d be pretty bitchy about the fact that there is still another month to go before my flight takes off, but not this time!  This time, the jet stream chose to do this cute little wiggle thing and shift it’s normal path.  As a result, we’re half way through December and it feels like mid-October temperatures.

Our high today was 49 degrees, so big ups to Mother Nature and her desire to give this little sun worshipper a break for once.  It’s nice to be able to get ready for this trip without the traditional daily screaming of obscenities about how much I can’t stand living here because of the winter months.  I was still wearing flip flops a week ago!  Of course, when someone made a comment about my flip flops, I remembered that I need a new pair for Vegas, and then proceeded to start bugging out about where the hell I’m going to find flip flops in December.  Eh, well.  Maybe I’ll just wait on picking some up until I get to Las Vegas.

Today’s post is going to be a wordy one.  I don’t know why I feel the need to add in that warning.  Anyone who follows my bloggy blog already knows I have a thing for long blog posts.  Lol

Due to some personal stuff, I’ve been awful about blogging regularly, but I’m back on track now.  This blog post is going to kind of bring you up to date on everything all at once.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

jena sig 2015

In This Post:

  • What I’ve been writing…
  • What I’ve been reading…
  • What I’ve been watching…
  • What I’ve been listening to…
  • The banned Muppets book…
  • The Amazon Review Policy controversy…
  • Genesis boxed set preorder is LIVE…
  • Rock & Read Author Event NEXT MONTH…

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The Preorder Link for the #GENESIS Boxed Set is LIVE!!! #urbanfantasy

Coming January 1, 2016

Genesis Boxed Set 2Genesis Boxed Set

Genesis [jen-uh-sis]
Definition: an origin, creation, or beginning.

From demons, weres, and vampires, to dragons, shifters, and angels, GENESIS is the ultimate must-have boxed set for any urban fantasy & paranormal romance fan. GENESIS brings you eight new worlds to sink your teeth into. From some of the genre’s brightest talent, each title in this boxed set is the first installment of the authors’ respective series.

Featured in Genesis:

– The Devil You Know by J.M. Gregoire
– Ghost of a Threat by Beth Dolgner
– Everlasting Hunger by Brandy Dorsch
– Fallen by Julie Morgan
– Spark by K.C. Stewart
– The Mortal One by Shannon Bell
– Valkyrie’s Vengeance by Melissa Snark
– Juan by Crystal Dawn

Dig in your claws and hang on as these eight authors take you on a wild ride in GENESIS!

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