Are you going to be at Rock & Read in Las Vegas???

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I announced on the Pure Textuality PR Blog a few weeks ago that I was stepping away from The Novel Experience and Authors After Dark.  Well, ladies and gents, I am sorry to report that my stepping away includes my role as an author.  However, as of right now, I’m only doing one signing next year.  Rock & Read in Las Vegas!

I am uberexcited about this signing!  It’s shaping up to be a huge event.  I’ll finally get to meet a LOT of authors, models, and photographers I’m friends with on Facebook, which will be awesome, but more importantly, I am STUPID EXCITED about meeting all of you!!!

I’m compiling all the info I can here for you, along with some tips for traveling out to Vegas on the CHEAP.  This will be my 7th time going out to Vegas in the last four years, and I am a travel ninja!

Date & Location

January 15-17, 2015
The Palms Hotel & Casino
4321 W Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas, Nevada 89103

The book signing itself is on Saturday the 17th.



VIP – $70
Friday Pass – $35
Saturday Signing Only – $20

Tickets Available Through EventBrite



The Rock & Read Lineup

Click on the image to see the full size (for easier reading).

Rock & Read Lineup



Paperback Pre-Orders

I’m only going to be bringing a limited number of books to Las Vegas, but I am allowing pre-orders for those who definitely know they’re going to be there.  Click here to pre-order your copies of the Demon Legacy books!  If there are other authors attending that you’d like to pre-order books for, you can do so by clicking here.


Join the Facebook Event!

We’ve only got 64 days left until the event!  Dont miss any event updates!  Click here to join the Facebook event!


Travel Ninja Tips

There is no reason on this rock to pay out the nose for travel expenses!  In the last four years, I’ve traveled to the west coast six times.  In total, my trips averaged about $500 each and that includes round trip airfare.

Here are a few quick travel tips to make your cons a little more wallet-friendly:

  • If you’re flying, book your tickets/hotel on a Wednesday.  All the travel package sites (i.e. Travelocity, Kayak, Priceline, etc., etc..) have cheaper pricing on Wednesdays.
  • If possible, schedule your trip to be flying out on a Wednesday and back in that following Tuesday.  These are the cheapest days to fly.  Shift your trip in either direction, or shorten it up closer to the weekend, and watch your price quotes soar.  Also, put something out to your readers that you’ll be in town a little longer than just the event and organize a get together that’s all about you and/or your books!  This is a great way to really get some bonding time with your readers.  Earlier this year, I had a book signing in Las Vegas and I organized a night out to see Thunder From Down Under.  We had soooooo much fun and I will never forget those readers as long as I live!  Or the strippers.  The strippers were pretty awesome.
  • Compare pricing at different airports in the region of where you’re traveling to.  If you have a signing in Phoenix, fly into Vegas, then get a rental car and drive into Phoenix.  Trust me, this works out way cheaper than flying directly into Phoenix EVERY DAMN TIME.
  • If you’re ever having trouble making your trip cheap, email me as I’m a TRAVEL NINJA!  I make Travelocity my bitch.


That’s everything for now.  I really hope to see some of you there!  🙂

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My Love/Hate Relationship With Conventions, and How to Make Them Work For YOU!


Authors and convention directors alike seem to have a love/hate relationship with conventions and book signings.  Convention directors are killing themselves to fill the seats while authors are spending a lot more time complaining about disappointing turn outs.  Well, I know some secrets, peeps.  I’ve seen some stuff, I’ve heard some stuff.  Most importantly, I’ve LEARNED some stuff, and today I’m going to share that stuff with you.

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I’m going to be signing at #TNEE! They’re still accepting author and attendee registrations!!!

A premier author-signing event, don’t miss the experience!


As the need for new events grows, we grow with them. Romance Ink, Inc, a literary non-profit that brings you Authors After Dark has come up with a new event to fill a growing need in the publishing industry.

The Novel Experience Event is the best parts of other more expensive events (signings, parties, and craziness) without the prices. TNEE offers general attendance to readers for FREE with an option to purchase VIP tickets for a very affordable price.

At The Novel Experience, ALL AUTHORS, traditionally published, self/indie published and small press will be signing alongside each other without the politics and issues that have come to rule the signing events of other conventions. With the world of publishing changing so rapidly, events are lagging behind. TNEE is the answer to the need that has recently cropped up.

Readers want what they want – BOOKS and we want to give it to them. Think of TNEE as a one stop shop! Readers will be able to get their reading fix and still be able to party with the authors and publishers they have come to love, in the genres they love.

TNEE includes a VIP preview for all VIP readers to get books signed earlier than the regular signing and exclusive events! Saturdays feature a massive signing and then another night of parties and merriment.  


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I’m going to be signing at the Stamford Author Event!!

35 authors all coming together to meet YOU!!!

SAE Grab Button



Danielle Bannister
Amy Miles
Karice Bolton
Rebecca Rynecki
Beth Michele
Mary Wasowski
Francine LaSala
Stephanie Keyes
T.L. Manning
Rebecca Ethington
Juliana Haygert
W Ferraro
Danielle Torella
Laura Howard
J.M. Gregoire
Megan Smith
Ashley Wilcox
L.D. Davis
R.J. Keller
Madeline Sheehan
Alice Tribue
Andrea Randall
Daisy Prescott
Charles Sheehan-Miles
Lila Felix
Tasha Ivey
Denise Grover Swank
Christa Cervone
A M Hargrove
Ginny Lurcock
Lynetta Halat
Hannah R Goodman
Liv Morris
Stacey Bentley
Sheryn MacMunn