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Another day of writing in the Nick and Lexi project between calls at the day job. Still got to find a frikkin title, but the story is moving right along. I’m glad because I had a few days where I really started to get discouraged. I lost 100% of my motivation to keep going with the story. However, I am officially out of said funk and back in the groove!

This has been shared before, but I still find it too funny to keep to myself. *wink wink*

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Do you hear the crickets???? Do you?!?!?!?!?!

So, this morning I was supposed to post Jena Top 50 Most Beautiful Men, a fun post I have been working on here and there for about a week.  I know some of you are patiently waiting for it and I thank you.  However, I am really focused on the super-secret project this morning.  Instead of spending a ton of time on here typing up words I should be pouring into my book, I am going to buckle down and bang out the book.

For my loves on this fine Friday morning:



Jena Sig XXX

@BradMeltzer on @Nerdist, the #Batfleck suit post by @the_batforce, and I #amwriting.

Good morning, party people!  I am just going to stop in super-fast this morning.  I plan on spending my day working on either Dance With the Devil or the untitled Nick/Lexi project.  Not sure which yet, but the plan is to write something today.  In my defense, yesterday’s blog post was over 2,000 words.  I am counting that in the writing win column, but it didn’t get either of my works in progress any closer to being done.  That sound you hear is me cracking the whip at myself…

Anyway, there are two reasons I am popping in today:  Brad Meltzer and the Batfleck suit…

Jena Sig XXX

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#AAD, #AmericanHorrorStory, and Miles Teller (@Miles_Teller , @AHSFX)

Oh, I have a LOT to talk to you guys about today!  Almost all of it is film related, but I do have some writing related news mixed in here.

And speaking of, I have a ridiculously shitty announcement….

It is with great sadness that I announce I will not be signing at Authors After Dark in Atlanta this year as planned.  I have spoken with the convention director and I’m more than a little heartbroken over having to cancel.  I miss my author friends and I was DYING to get to hang out with readers at the Bump In The Night Ball (my secret costume will just have to wait until next year).

For those who were planning to come see me in Atlanta, I will be doing a one-day only sign up on my site for mail order autographed copies of my books.  I don’t normally offer them online as they are reserved for in-person appearances such as conventions and signings, but I feel awful about having to cancel out of AAD.  I will post that separately in a few days.

Although I won’t be attending AAD this year, please do not cancel your travel plans on my behalf.  There is still going to be a whole arsenal of awesome authors, both bestselling and debut, lots of fun events, and TONS of prizes.  If you haven’t gotten your ticket yet, you should totally go and tell them J.M. Gregoire sent you!

Be sure to look at the authors on Facebook right now for this special badge because they’ll be at AAD!


AAD Attendee Tickets Available Here

One more note!  For my writer friends out there, if you have been wanting to get your hands on Literature and Latte’s Scrivener, but didn’t have the extra cash to lay out the $45, App Sumo is currently offering a deal on the program.  The first 10,000 Sumo-lings to buy it through App Sumo get it for just $20!  Here is the link for those interested.  I don’t make any money off of this or anything.  I just wanted to share.  *smooch*


Okay, my loves.  Time to get to the film review portion of our morning.  *wink wink*

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Need For Speed Elysium


(*only mild spoilers, but spoilers nonetheless*)


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