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Guys! Isra Sravenheart Presents ROGUE WARLOCK + a Giveaway!

Our infamous Damien Daughtry was always deemed to be a high-ranking warlock but never did anyone see it coming that he’d broaden his horizons the way he did.

Damien Daughtry has just arrived at Wingdom’s Academy with his betrothed Gwendolyn Passe. Damien and Gwendolyn are joined at the hip and nothing can break their bond or so it seems. Astrid the raven is assigned to Damien which some would call bad luck however Astrid does all he can to sway the young warlock away from the dark arts. Even Gwendolyn tries to impress it upon Damien that delving into that area is unpredictable

The headstrong Damien struggles with his romantic feelings for Gwendolyn. One quiet night in the Wingdom’s Academy library whilst Damien is reading one of his occult books he discovers the demoness Rhiannon who is trapped within the pages. The kindly souls at Wingdom’s had incarcerated her there one thousand years ago but Damien is enthralled by Rhiannon. She’s an alluring temptress with her blood-red eyes and long burgundy hair. Damien can’t help but feel attracted to her and when he sets her free he has no idea of the carnage he’s let loose.

Only when Rhiannon seeks revenge against those who wrongly imprisoned her does Damien realize how deep he’s in but it’s too late. Will Damien give into his overwhelming urge for darkness? Even the light-bringer Samuel Reynaldi seems powerless over the young miscreant Damien Daughtry

One thing is for certain… Nothing in Wingdom’s Academy will ever be the same as Damien and Rhiannon descend down upon the school creating chaos in their wake.

USA Today Best-Seller Isra Sravenheart tells us how Damien Daughtry became the realm’s most remarkable villain in this fantastical coming of age origin story.

ISRA SRAVENHEART is an eccentric author whose heart resides with the dark fantasy but also the paranormal genres. Cats and coffee are her main interests. She’s also a pretty badass witch and often envisions new adventures involving dragons, witches, warlocks and really likes villains. When she’s not writing she’s rewatching Supernatural for the umpteenth time and thirsting over Jensen Ackles.

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