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VANISHING, Jack’s origin story, and a #GIVEAWAY!

Good evening, party people! I know it’s been a while since I wrote a check in post but I’m getting back into the swing of things, I promise.  Now that I’m getting closer to the release dates, my schedule is easing up a bit which allows me more time for the fun stuff, like this evening’s post.

Next Tuesday marks the release of Secrets in the Shadows, the first anthology in the Summer of Supernaturals series (hosted by my PR company Pure Textuality PR and Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Book Bargains). My piece featured in that anthology is VANISHING, Jack’s origin story.

If you read The Devil You Know the first time it was available, then you have already met Jack, albeit briefly.  He’s the weretiger who manages Onyx, Dez’s bar in Manhattan. In The Devil You Know, you really don’t know anything about him outside of the minimum facts.  He doesn’t play a very major role in the series until Dance With the Devil, the third book in the Hellfire series.

This short story is my way of giving you a glimpse into who he is and where he came from. In advance of the story, I have added a picture to my Hellfire World Pinterest Board so you could get a look at who I see when I’m writing Jack.

Ya damn right. Jai Courtney.  He’s so pretty…. And to me, he looks like a guy who could feasibly turn into a tiger if he were a shifter.

If you haven’t gotten a chance, pop over to my Hellfire World Pinterest board and see how my idea of my characters stands up to what you had pictured in your head. Prepare yourself, it’s an insanely pretty cast.  😉



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