It’s on like Donkey Kong!


That was dumb.  I’m not Australian…

Tonight begins my big push to get Dance With the Devil completed.  My son goes to his dad’s house for a 4-day stretch thanks to April vacation from school.  My daughter wont be home until Friday evening, but I can write with her here.  She’s 15 and spends most of her time on Skype with her boyfriend or BFF anyway.  *shrug*

I’m afraid to even say this out loud, but my hope is to have the first draft complete by Sunday night at Game of Thrones time.  If I am super-strict about my use of time, I should be able to pull it off.  I really don’t have much left of the book to write.  I just need to get it through my head that I don’t need to edit as I write.  That’s probably my biggest hang up/hindrance when trying to get a book finished.  I need to learn to NOT do that, and catch those errors and such during my first read-through.

I mentioned to you guys that I am currently listening to Felicia Day’s book You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost).  It’s a great book, but I just listened to a part where she summed up my problem perfectly when describing her own struggles with it (paraphrasing because I don’t remember it word-for-word):  I long to create, but getting everything from my head to paper is like pulling teeth.  In the book she suggests surrounding yourself with a team of people who all push you and give you the kick in the ass of keep going.  I tried that.  lol  It hasn’t worked yet, but I do feel a little better knowing that someone as awesome as Felicia Day struggles with the same problem I have.

NEWS!!!  So, I decided to do what I have advised people to avoid doing, and I’m putting all my eggs in one basket.  I have moved my entire catalog of titles over to KDP Select.  This means all of my work is now exclusive to Amazon, and those of you who subscribe to Kindle Unlimited now can get all of my books for free.  🙂  I’ve held off on making this move for a good long time, but in reviewing my taxes from the two years, I haven’t sold a single ebook on Kobo and Nook in FOREVER.  Since I obviously dont have an audience there, I figured giving KDP Select a try would be worth it.


Burning  |  The Devil You Know  |  Suffering  |  Speak of the Devil

So, wish me luck on my big 4-day push.  My hope is that the next blog post I send off to you fine mofos will be a big picture of the words THE END on my screen.  I just need to stay motivated and stay OFF THE INTERNET.  😉

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