Sometimes even the pros need to go back to basics…..

Good morning, minions! I know a good number of my followers are writers or aspiring writers. I just did a long post the other day updating everyone on the state of affairs in the Demon Legacy universe, so, this week’s post doesn’t really need to include that info. Instead, I decided to post something which might be helpful to the writers out there. I saw a post from an author this past week about tightening up your writing. For example, cases where the writer uses 20 words to say something they could still accomplish by using 4 words. Now, as a reader, I respectfully disagree with this particular point. Not everyone’s writing style fits with that way of doing things. Could you imagine how different a Stephen King book or an Anne Rice book would be if they shortened up their descriptors to such a degree?? It would be like reading a totally different author. It all depends on the reader’s taste in writing. That author happens to be a reader who likes things clipped. I am not the same kind of reader. While I don’t agree with her idea that all writers should write in that manner, it got me thinking.

There are a lot of small things I see writers struggle with, myself included, and I figured maybe I could post some things that would help writers out. Going back to the basics as it were. As a reader, these are things that, if not addressed, irritate me to no end, such as saying ‘said’ a billion times, when you could replace said with another word that not only indicates they spoke, but also indicates the tone without having to come right out and also describe the tone.

Today, my post is coming straight from the Pinterest world. I went on Pinterest this morning and searched ‘writing tips’ and what you see in the rest of this post is the result (you need to hit more to see the rest of the post). I’m not going to lie. Some of these are being printed out and pinned up on my wall above my desk at home for future use. Some of it seems so simple, but even the pros occasionally need reminders. 😉  Just an FYI – the graphics are not in any particular order.  I just added them to the post as I found ones I thought may be useful to someone.  🙂  

Got any tips or sites worth sharing? Please feel free to leave them in the comments. Unless they are spam or outright disrespectful, I approve 100% of comments.



100 ways to say good

100 ways to say bad


tighten up

alternate words

favor of emotion

translate emotion to body language




change paragraph

other ways to say

transitional words

editing marks

comma rules

body language cheat sheet




other ways to say 2



obscure color words




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