Penned Con – New Book Signing Date Added To My Calendar!

Penned Banner

Jena here!

(Really? Who else would it be?? C’mon Jena.)

I wanted to let you all know that I have signed on to Penned Con in St. Louis next year! The list of authors that are going to be at that event is just amazing! I can’t wait for this one!  A handful of my personal friends are on that list and a whole lot of ladies I would LOVE to meet in person finally!

And. And! AND!!! It’s only a month before the big con that I am organizing! Look at me flying all over the damn country!

Anyway, here’s a list of the authors that are listed on the site so far. This isn’t all of them. I am still waiting on the final list (last head count I heard for authors was 79!!!!). Once they have the final list posted, I will post an update here.

Until then, check out the list! Hope to meet some of you there!!!

(* Don’t forget! You can also see a current list of the big signings right on my home page or you can go to the calendar tab for a list of everything—both physical and virtual events. *)

Keynote speaker: Jasinda Wilder
Keynote speaker: Hugh Howey
Keynote speaker: Abbi Glines
Tara Sivec
Addison Moore
Denise Grover Swank
Lyla Payne
Amy Miles
Jillian Dodd
Shelly Crane
Samantha Young
Jessican Sorensen
Colleen Hoover
Amy Bartol
Kahlen Aymes
Sandi Lynn
Paige Weaver
Mia Sheridan
Rebecca Donovan
J. Sterling
Sarah Dosher
Karice Bolton
Madeline Sheehan
JD Nelson
Vicki Green
Wendy Owens
Quinn Loftis
Ella James
CA Kunz
Tabatha Vargo
Amber Lynn Natusch
S. Simone Chavous
J.L. Berg
Michelle Madow
Jamie Magee
Carey Heywood
Bethany Lopez
Magan Vernon
Elizabeth Sharp
Kelsey Kukal-Keeton
Rebecca Ethington
Adriane Leigh
Penny Reid
Eric R. Asher
Dawn Pendleton
Shannon Morton
Jocelyn Stover
Michelle G. Miller
Sarah Ashley Jones
Lori Otto
Tess M. Watson
Mercy Amare
Christine DeMaio-Rice
L.U. Ann
Kimberly Stedronsky
Melanie Stinnett
Felicia Tatum

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